For many years technical diagnostics has been the area of intensive scientific research. It covers well-established topics as well as emerging developments in control engineering, artificial intelligence, applied mathematics and statistics. At the same time, a growing number of applications of different fault diagnosis methods, especially in electrical, mechanical, chemical and medical areas, is being observed. The rapidly increasing complexity of automation in the industry and the continuing need to ensure reliability and safety at the highest level require ongoing research and development of innovative fault diagnosis approaches. Furthermore, special attention is paid to fault-tolerant and self-reconfiguring control systems, which are crucial wherever maintenance or repair cannot be realized immediately.

The subject matter of the conference is replying to the expectations and demands of research and industrial centres for modern and safe diagnostics systems, process monitoring systems and expert systems. In general, conference topics correspond to the subject area of the IFAC symposium on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes (SAFEPROCESS).

Research areas cover, but are not limited to:

  • Fault detection, isolation and identification
    • analytical and qualitative models
    • identification and state estimation
    • fault modelling and simulation
    • statistical methods and signal analysis
    • soft computing: fuzzy logic, neural networks- 
  •  Process safety and reliability
    • supervision and diagnostic systems
    • safety and cybersecurity of industrial processes and systems
  • Fault-tolerant control systems
    • control reconfiguration
    • fault recovery and accommodation
    • integrated control and fault diagnosis
  • Industrial applications
    • electrical and mechanical systems
    • robotics and mechatronics
    • aeronautics and aerospace systems
    • power systems and networks
    • automotive engineering
    • process engineering application
  • Medical systems and diagnostics
    • computer-aided diagnosis
    • medical image analysis
    • health monitoring and telemedicine.